How This Adventure Began

If Matthew Flinders Had Wings
In 2000, Richard circumnavigated and photographed Tasmania by sea, resulting in the accumulation of many short stories. Wanting to make a difference it occurred to Richard when editing the 2500 photos he took, his stories could be compiled into a fundraising book. Needing an angle to the story, in 2002-2003, Richard circumnavigated Australia by air to photograph the coastline on the "Flight for Understanding" and begun production of an historical and photographic book titled, "If Matthew Flinders had Wings".

Then again in 2000, Richard set out on a two year journey, this time by sea, on the "Voyage of Discovery", following the route Matthew Flinders took 200 years earlier on his discovery of the Australian coastline.

Richard's voyage explored remote places on the Australian coastline that yachts do not normally visit and are often bypassed by modern day cartographers.

The story will be humanised by Richard's research into the early explorers, his pioneer ancestors and with the crews and people he met on his journey. In late 2007, Richard completed the final stage of this project with an aim to complete the production of a high quality coffee table book titled "If Matthew Flinders Had Wings" by early 2009. The book will provide a historical overview of the formation and discovery of Australia and showcase the intriguing geographical and demographical aspects of this unique land.